In the Kitchen with the Avalos Family

Oxnard's First Family of Raspados

Meet the Avalos Family. These are the people behind Frutti Hielo.

They're on a mission to make Raspados the official snack of Oxnard.

Before Frutti Hielo, Oxnard never had a restaurant serving snacks like snow cones, Churros Locos and Tostilocos full time. You used to have to wait for the weekend swap meet in order to find what your taste buds really wanted.

Now all you have to do is make a quick stop at 1720 Saviers Road, and you'll find as many flavors of snow cones as you would see at any of the wildest fiestas in Mexico.

Bringing Home the Taste of Mexicali

If you've spent some quality time in Mexicali, you probably know what a real snow cone should taste like. It was a visit to this historic part of Mexico that first inspired Jonathan Avalos to venture into the world of Raspados.

He noticed that, in Mexico, anything that has to do with Raspados was a hit. There's nothing quite like an authentic, Mexicali-style Raspado, made with just the right amount of flavor, the sweetest and tastiest blends of seasonings, fresh fruit and toppings. When you make them this way, people just can't get enough.

The Avalos family still makes regular trips to Mexicali to buy ingredients for Frutti Hielo. That's how we're able to preserve the authentic taste. There are certain kinds of ingredients that you can only get in Mexico, like the real, original style of Tostitos that we use in our Tostilocos, and the special Tamarindo sauce that makes our Chamoyadas taste so great.

Taking Snacks to a New Level

Before opening Frutti Hielo, Jonathan and his family decided to take what they had learned in Mexicali and add their own unique twist.

After experimenting for a while, they had perfected a few of their own distinctive new recipies based on the traditional styles of Raspados and prepared fruit dishes.

The CaribeƱo Raspado that you'll find at Frutti Hielo is made from a blend of three fruits and juices: Pineapple, Banana and Coconut. It's a combination that makes perfect sense, but one that you would have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Our Pepino Split is another dish with a unique twist. Jonathan and his family found that by adding just the right type of sweet and spicy candies to the traditional cucumbers and other toppings, they could take the taste to a whole new level.

At Frutti Hielo, we can mix and match just about any flavors you want. Just ask us to add one of our special toppings to your snow cone if you have any ideas.

El Lado Fresco de la Fruta

At Frutti Hielo, we want you to experience "El Lado Fresco de la Fruta." That means "The Fresh (and Cool) Side of Fruit."

All of the fruit we serve is fresh, and freshly chopped. That's what we're all about. Most of the time we chop it when you order it. Sure, it takes a little bit more time, but that's the way to make Raspados taste like they should.

Take a look at our kitchen. We're geared up to make some serious snacks here.

Any day of the week, you'll find us fully stocked on just about every kind of fruit you would want to eat on a warm Oxnard afternoon. We keep whole pineapples, melons, apples, bananas, mangos, nectarines and strawberries; and even some vegetables, like cucumbers to make pepino splits and churros locos. And of course we've got plenty of coconuts ready to shred on the spot.

Stop by our restaurant on 1720 Saviers Road the next time you're in the neighborhood.

Don't forget - we're closed Sundays. That's when we're in Mexicali buying our ingredients.